You Suckers Can’t Make Any More Jokes About My Last Name Now!

Yes, that’s right. I got married and I’m changing my last name!

I have quite literally been told that taking my husband’s last name is pointedly anti-feminist—but I would like to assure you all that this is a decision that was made after a very long do-I-don’t-I process of debating options.

I don’t have the greatest love for my last name—not because I hate all the great puns that it has engendered (because trust me, that was a big reason why I wanted to keep it) but because the relationship with that part of my lineage has always been very tenuous. It’s felt a bit like carrying around a ball and chain. I was hesitant because I’d already started establishing my career as Elizabeth Werth, but this change is important to me.


Taking Chris’ last name feels like a new and much happier beginning. This is byline I want on the blogs I post and the future books I publish. This is the name I’d like to be known by from here on out to celebrate the relationship that has transformed my life, inspired me creatively, and motivated me in countless ways.

I haven’t done the whole Legal Name Change yet, but I wanted to get the Internet presence taken care of sooner rather than later. My Twitter handle is still going to be @elizabeth_werth for the time being, as we all get used to the transition. That’ll be changed once all my documentation is changed (which I am postponing until after I go to Europe, so the name on my passport and license matches the name on my plane tickets, lol).

Sorry about the lack of puns. Y’all are just gonna have to get more creative now.

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